Type of Designer

 what kind designer are you

People Watcher

Curious about people’s actions & motives, proposing ways to help them lead fulfilling lives.

what kind designer are you

Number Cruncher

Imagine better solutions, suggest multiple options, & understand their impact and success likelihood.

what kind designer are you


Creates clear plans, deploy project parameters & ensures team cohesion & efficient execution.

what kind designer are you

Brand Builder

Focuses on small details, crafting experiences that tell a coherent story & leave nothing to chance.

what kind designer are you 

Party Animal

Problem-solver who envisions a better future and collaborates with others to make it a reality.

what kind designer are you

Fortune Teller

Predicts the future, gathers information, presents and discusses it effectively, involving everyone.


Driven by others’ success, adapts communication style, focuses on achieving the best possible outcome.



Inspires others with a clear direction, even without all the details, leading them towards a common goal.

Workshop Warrior

Expert in collaborative sessions, brings out the best in everyone, resulting in actionable next steps.

Data Driver

Helps people find their way, suggests options, provides clear guidance and information for reaching their destination.

Team Player

Valuable member focused on results, promoting teamwork, and personal improvement to deliver seamless experiences.

User Champion

Ensures quality outcomes, diplomatic in maximizing team potential while avoiding corners being cut.



Tests ideas through simple versions, embraces rapid iterations, knowing the next prototype brings innovation.


Explores various solutions, relies on experimentation for best results, embracing surprising outcomes.


Attends to every detail, adds extra polish for a flawless experience, regardless of others’ awareness.


Starts with broad strokes, iterates on own work, removing flaws, and enhancing successful elements.

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