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7 Color Combination T-Shirt that make your buyer happy

If you find yourself grappling with the decision of selecting the ideal t-shirt and color combination for your upcoming design, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to provide some much-needed assistance! To stimulate your creativity, we present 7 with 1 bonus tips for you guys to try and test t-shirt and color combinations that never fail to impress!

1. Combination of White & Maroon

maroon t shirt on wooden floor with hat and lemon. the t shirt stated keep calm and explore the edge

The high contrast between maroon and white makes them a perfect match. Maroon shirts provide an ideal background for white designs to pop, especially when intricate and delicate lines are involved. Try printing on our Maroon crew neck shirt for a remarkable outcome.

2. Combination of White & Blue

woman model wearing flat earth white t shirt with black leather jacket. Posing on yellow wall.

Blue shirts have long been a fan favorite, and for good reason for t-shirt color combination design. Blue is a calming color, and when combined with white, it creates a soothing and versatile color palette. Whether you’re aiming for a design with a water theme or simply seeking a serene ambiance, blue and white is a winning combination.

3. Combination of Grey & Blue

grey t shirt with beard man logo on blue color shirt. the shirt hang on blue wall.

Combination design of various colors of blues and greys will accomplish a cool-toned t-shirt design. With countless blue and grey t-shirt colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

4. Combination of Grey & Green

green shirt with abstract geometry logo on green color shirt. the shirt hang on yellow wall.

There’s an irresistible charm in using gray design on green t-shirt ideal. Whether you opt for earthy tones, Kelly Green, or teal, the result is bound to be stunning on a range of grey apparel options.

5. Combination of Red & White

white t shirt with urban city paint in red watercolor. the is place on wooden floor.

This dynamic duo creates an eye-catching design. The stark contrast between the white color and the t-shirt fabric allows intricate details to shine. Whether it’s vibrant red design on a white shirt or white design on a red dark-colored shirt, this combination always delivers a sharp look.

6. Combination of Light & Dark Blue

model man pose baby blue t shirt and black jacket and bricks background. the logo of the t shirt is about retro sunset

Blue design on blue shirts never fails to impress. Ensure the blues used offer enough contrast for the entire design to be visible on the shirt. Experiment with light blue design on a midnight navy tee or royal blue design on an baby blue tee.

7. Combination of Neutral Colors

white shirt with flat earth logo and text of discover the truth that has been hidden from us for centuries. the shirt is place on grey floor.

Embrace the natural beauty of earthy neutrals inspired by the land, sea, and sand. If your design features images of nature, using a palette of earth tones carries the message and tone of the shirt seamlessly. Our Light Olive and Stone Grey serve as fantastic backdrops for your neutral design.

Bonus: Combination of Yellow & Blue

model man pose navy blue t shirt and wearing sun glasses and dark background. the design of the t shirt is about geometry abstract in yellow and black.

The marriage of yellow & blue yields a visually pleasing fusion. The warmth of yellow tones beautifully complements the coolness of blue, resulting in a balanced and attractive design. For added depth, experiment with different shades of yellow and blue.

To enhance complexity, try to combine multiple shades of yellow and blue to further explore their complementary relationship. Try coolors.co to create combinations.

In a nutshell

variety color of t shirt that hang on for display.

Photo by Parker Burchfield on Unsplash

Regardless of the design and shirt colors you choose, ensure there is significant contrast between the apparel and design that you will apply on. Hope these color combination T-Shirt design will inspire you to create incredible designs that leave a happy impression to your buyer. Good luck with your design! If you’re interested in exploring our collection of cool designs, check out my online store that sells t-shirts.

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